Bansko Kapama

Bansko Kapama

We will offer you one of the most delicious Bulgarian recipes for the preparation of Bansko Kapama.

The original kapama is cooked in a clay pot in the oven. Rows in layers, with the pork placed on the bottom.


Sour cabbage – 1 large cabbage
1 – 1.5 kg of pork
700 – 800 g beef
400 gr – black pudding
500 g chicken legs
rice – 600 g
Bay leaf
wine – 150 g

Method of preparation

Cut the cabbage and squeeze it very well from the water. Take a clay pot of about 7-10 liters and start to make the ingredients in the following order: cabbage – veal – rice – cabbage – pork – rice – cabbage – broom – rice – cabbage – chicken etc. products. In the individual layers is laid a bay leaf, a total of 3-4 leaves are needed, no more.


Under the lid of the rim, we put a baking sheet pressed against the head of the container so that it does not breathe under the lid. Place the clay pot in the oven and let the boiling water boil for 30 minutes at 250 degrees Celsius. It sounds like a gurgling boiling. We lower to 150 degrees and bake for 3 hours.

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